PMT 09 on GST Portal

What is GST PMT 09?

Earlier launched by CBIC via notification no. 31/2019 CT on 28th June 2019, PMT 09 is the prescribed challan for relocating the falsely or erroneously paid ITC. For example, if you have paid CGST instead of SGST, you can rectify it by using this challan which is known as GST PMT 09.

GST PMT 09 is Live on GST Portal

Now the GST PMT 09 form is on the portal and the taxpayers can transfer the available electronic cash balance to other tax heads, for example, SGST to CGST or penalty to interest, etc. In order to that, the taxpayer will have to login first then go to Services –>Ledgers–>Electronic Cash Ledger—> File GST PMT-09 For Transfer of Amount

Few Points to Remember About GST PMT 09

  • This challan is not helpful when wrongly paid challan has been utilised (in GSTR 3b).
  • It’s impossible to edit GSTR 3b.
  • The challan can shift only the amount of tax present in cash ledger.
  • The amount once utilised and removed from cash ledger cannot be reallocated.
  • Challan is useful when payment is done under the wrong head but not utilised.
  • Such situations arise only in case of penalties.
  • When the data in return is wrong then the data in challan will also be wrong but in this situation too, it can be adjusted.

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